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Sensors & Encoder Dealers, Traders in Bhosari

SN Automation is a leading Sensors & Encoder Dealers/Traders in Bhosari. We offer the best quality of service to our customers with unmatched after sales support.

Our team of highly skilled professionals are capable of handling any type of encoder related job. The Siemens/Fanuc/Mitsubishi/Yaskawa Sensors & Encoder Dealers/Traders in Bhosari offer on-site and off-site service for all brands of encoder - from the most basic to the most complex brands. We can also provide you with a comprehensive after sales support to help you fix your machine quickly and efficiently.

Description : Sensors & Encoder

Siemens/Fanuc/Mitsubishi/Yaskawa Sensors & Encoder Dealers/Traders in Bhosari provide machine that converts the analog signal into digital signal. It works by converting the input voltage to a sequence of pulses, which represent the number of electrons in each pulse.

It also provides improved precision and speed when it comes to measuring-

  • Torque
  • Speed
  • Position or
  • Other physical quantities

Sensors are devices that can detect various kinds of physical and chemical changes in their environment. They are often used in industrial settings, but they can also be used for home automation.

More and more sensors can be found in smart homes, cars, wearable tech and other products. It collects data from the surroundings and shares it with each other.

Reason to Choose Us!

  • We Sensors & Encoders dealers & traders in Bhosari have been providing the encoder services since the year 2012 and have gained immense experience in the industry.
  • Our experienced team is always ready to help our customers in any sort of issue that they might be facing.
  • We are committed to offering our customers with first-class services for professional encoder repair in Bhosari at highly competitive prices.

Characteristics : Sensors & Encoder

When you are talking about encoding, it is the process of converting a signal from one format to another. There are two main types of encoding –

  • Analog: Analog encoding is the conversion of an electrical signal into a sound wave
  • Digital: Digital encoding is the conversion of data into signals that can be represented by numbers

With the help of sensors, we can create new products and services that were not possible before. These are the devices that can sense and measure the properties of their environment.

Industries We Serve

Sensors & Encoder in Bhosari are the vital components of Internet of Things (IoT) that have been used by many industries including the-

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Food Processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Defence, and
  • Healthcare